What type of school is the International School of Manosque?
EIPACA is a public school financed by the French government as part of France’s contribution to the ITER International project. The Ministry de l’Education National manages all other public schools in France and currently also manages the International School in Manosque. See EIPACA summary presentation.

The EIPACA was specifically established to address the unique international educational requirements of the children of ITER staff (personnel). Many, if not most families working at ITER must be prepared for when they return to their home countries and therefore require international education standards. Please verify directly whether current compulsory French Educational standards match your home countries educational requirements and standards.

Who may attend the school?
At present, the school is open to the children of those employed directly or indirectly as contractors of the ITER project. Also the school is open to the general public. However, for the most current detailed information on admissions policies please verify with EIPACA’s website because current admissions criteria may change at any time.

What is the Parent Elus?  How does it differ from the other organizations such as the IPM or other parent associations?
Find out more at the Parents Elus Ecole Internationale website.

Can you bring a packed lunch to school?
No, you may not, except under a few strictly regulated circumstances.  If your child requires a specific diet due to medical conditions including allergies, you will need to strictly follow the proceedures on the PAI website and coordinate with the school staff member responsible.  This proceedure can take a while so start as soon as possible.  Also helpful, rules of the restaurant and boarding school.

What if my child has special dietary requirements? 
For medical reasons, special strictly enforced steps must be taken to provide lunch.  See PAI website proceedures.

For vegetarians, at the time you complete the canteen (cafeteria) form,  mention that your child is a vegetarian.  Also, some parents advise that in addition you also let the person who serves the food in the canteen know about your child’s diet.

What are TAPs?
« Le TAP (temps d’activité périscolaire) est un temps d’activités organisé et pris en charge par la commune en prolongement de la journée de classe. Ces activités visent à favoriser  l’accès de tous les enfants aux pratiques culturelles, artistiques, sportives, etc.  La réforme des rythmes scolaires vise à mieux répartir les heures de classe sur la semaine, à alléger la journée de classe et à programmer les enseignements à des moments où la faculté de concentration des élèves est la plus grande »

    APE Groupe Scolaire Public de Léchiagat

Leur objectif est d’offrir à tous les enfants l’accès aux locaux sociaux, des sports et des activités artistiques. En 2015-2016 robinets sont offerts le lundi de 13,30 à 16,30. Si vous voulez que votre enfant à participer, vous devez lui / elle s’inscrire au bureau de service de l’éducation dans la mairie.

TAPS are activities organized by the local city hall. They provide optional activities which serve as a compliment to the school curriculum. They are not compulsory.  They take place within the school facilities and/or other sports or recreational facilities in Manosque. If other facilities used, the Town Hall organizes and takes care of escorting and transporting of your children. Their goal is to offer all children locally access to social, sports and arts activities. In 2015-2016 TAPs are offered on Monday from 13.30 to 16.30. If you want your child to participate, you have to enroll her/him at the Education service office in the Town Hall.