Friends of North Kigezi Diocese -Nyakenego School – a humanitarian organization that works with a school in Uganda: 

“I have been actively involved with IPM since 2008 and I am a trustee of a charity that has been working with children in South West Uganda. Our goal is to raise the standards of education, improve hygiene and, when necessary, look after and provide for orphans. EIPACA and Nyakenengo school are twinned and we work with school-staff on various projects.

From time to time I come into school to talk to classes about our work over there and, with the support of school teachers, we encourage projects that help develop links between our school and their’s. Last year, for example, we had an exchange of letters between classes and one of our EIPACA classes made a calendar to send out to the school. We try to find things pupils in both schools have in common as well as discuss the big differences in our lives.

With the incredible generosity of the parents and children of the international school we have been able to build a new classroom at Nyakenengo Primary School as well as supply the students there with new school uniforms. The building is now complete and is used by the students but unfortunately during the last rainy season another classroom collapsed fortunately without injuring anyone.

We need to replace it! Please continue to support our work for our twin school in Uganda. If you would like to help with fundraising or projects involving our twin school over in Uganda please don’t hesitate to contact IPM.”

Paul Bainbridge